Orlando after 10 years

  • Hello,

    I apologize for writing in English. It's easier for me, and probably more understandable for you than if I used Google translate.

    My 1.8 Orlando has 165,000 km and is 10 years old. No driving problem. However, I have found that some seals need to be replaced after 10 years. I am very disappointed that the seals only last 10 years. They become hard as a cookie. In the last 4 months I had to replaced:

    1. Oil cooler gasket (found oil under oil cooler). I used Elring,

    2. oil pan seal (oil under the oil pan),

    3. Oil pump gasket (coolant was missing - coolant can be seen in the upper right corner of the engine - behind the water pump). I used original gasket,

    4. Camshaft cover gasket (oil in the hole around the spark plug). Elring,

    5. A lot of sludge under the camshaft cover, especially on the left and right sides. I removed it and flushed the engine with Liqui moly engine flush (I change the oil regularly every 15,000 km with the original recommended oil GM dexos 2, 5-30. I drive 35+35 km every day, no city drive),

    6. Bad thermostat (lower temperature),

    7. Broken arm of the ventilation flap (blowing warm air on passenger side but cold on driver side)

    8. failed oxygen sensor no. 2, 1.5 years ago. Tried Delphy and Blue Print - none survived 1 year. Now I have the original.

    Can I expect more such repairs? Does Orlando have any other weaknesses after 10 years? Such as intake manifold gaskets, thermostat housing gasket, engine head gasket... My wife drive Opel Meriva 2006, 270.000 km. No repairs on engine or ventilation-just regular service.